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Special English language course

About The Courses

  • Teaching conversational English language program under the new methodology and textbooks.
  • Talk-time of about 60%.
  • Guidelines skills working manner in foreign companies.


  • Junior – senior in law, human resources and business management of the University, College and Intermediate.
  • Staff working in other majors would like to switch to working for FDIs.

Course Duration

Weekdays: 3 sessions / week, 1h30 / session.


Course Content Course Duration
Total 3 Month/Courses
SECTION 1: Business Plan for a Startup Business
  • Week 1: Identifying potential markets.
  • Week 2: Assessing potential market profitability.
  • Week 3: Construction budget business.
  • Week 4: Construction budget business.
1st month
SECTION 2 : Corporate Governance
  • Week 1: Human Resource Management in Enterprises.
  • Week 2: Human Resource Management in Enterprises.
  • Week 3: Managing Business Cash Flow.
  • Week 4: Enterprise Risk Management.
2nd month
SECTION 3 : The Legal Environment of Business
  • Week 1: Enterprise Law, Commercial Law. Investment law.
  • Week 2: Labor Law, Insurance.
  • Week 3: Enterprise Income Tax Law, Personal Income Tax.
  • Week 4: Law firms accounting.
3rd month

The Reason for Choosing to Study at DPTC

  1. As relevant parts of Dong Du International Consulting Group.
  2. Dedicated faculty enthusiasm include experts with experience of teaching and practical work experience in the domestic and foreign enterprise.
  3. Care Practitioners carefully and friendly.
  4. The teaching focuses on the actual work done
  5. Class size is limited.
  6. Tuition fee competition
  7. Participation in extracurricular activities center on academic topics, foreign languages ……
  8. Candidates scoring advantage of the program will have the opportunity to Dong Du International Consulting Group introduces a suitable job for customers FDI in Vietnam.

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