Based on something you learnt at universities [accounting, tax, enterprise management..], You  could choose the working schedule between fulltime way or part-time way yourselves at DPTC practical training center.

We also provide the practical training course for international students who have special plans to work in Southern Asia, especially working at Vietnam latter.

Our training programs will be lasted from 2 months to 4 months (it not included the timing to working at our clients.). Besides, you could down load the study materials easily from our web site for your references.

Our experts will support you closely during the class time to modify the matters incurred for student. Besides that, our materials mostly are prepared from practical activates and often will be updated in timing for students.


We ourselves had time to meet the same matters like you guys in past. So that, we  really understand and support you best for what you want and desire for your future careers.

With the several working experiences in practice, we strongly believe that our center will support you and your career effectively.


Our experts in the practical training center are the members of professional bodies such as: VICA, VACPA, VITA, CPA Australia,…

We could provide the training programs based on the current laws of Viet Nam.

We deeply expect your own ideas all and your information will be protected confidentially   within our working environment.

Added Value

The students will learn how to work in practice at Viet Nam. Moreover, we will introduce you to our clients, FDIs inside or outside Vietnam for working further more.